Some (incoherent) thoughts on charities in Wales.

My review of the Leaders’ Debate held at Cardiff Met Uni on Monday, 4th April, 2016.

My thoughts on inward investment in Wales and key growth industries in Wales over 2016-17 given as comments to Business News Wales for panel discussion.

I wrote a series of articles on the political of business in Wales for the Business News Wales website and have added them here. Part 1 looks at the political landscape in Wales; Part 2, Welsh SME Business Support; Part 3, Economic Development; Part 4, The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal; and, finally, Part 5 summarises some of my thoughts on the political landscape in the run up to the Welsh Assembly 2016 election.

Is Wales’ narrative on the past denying it a rich resource – why have we chosen to forget such a fascinating heritage?

I ask: What’s occurrin’ with Finance Wales?

The recent expansion of the Business Wales programme – simply more hubris from the Welsh Government?

Earlier in the year I co-authored the report “Wales: Time for a Realistic Perspective” published in conjunction with Gorwel, an independent, non-partisan think-tank based in Cardiff. The report is serialised into pages here starting with the introduction Wales’ economy is not a basket case, and the background document that led to the report’s creation.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8 – what caused it?