Time after time, rhetoric from within Wales portrays Wales as some sort of basket case. We have so much going for us and it is imperative we act boldly and courageously. If we are serious in wanting a revitalized, exciting and dynamic Wales it is us, the citizens of Wales, that will need to contribute to the future and make the difference. For too long we have looked to the state to provide answers and change the nation, but that has not got us very far. Each citizen can and should make a difference. This is not so much the Wales we want, as the Wales I will help create.

The issues we talk about are too important to be left to the politicians and the machinery of government, without input from those within Wales who are outside the political discourse but have much to offer.

We need a fresh approach, a new start. The current re-evaluation of our political structures and relationships as part of the devolution process gives us the ideal opportunity to look to build a Wales we can all be proud of.  We are fortunate in that both the Secretary of State for Wales and the First Minister of Wales are passionate believers in a prosperous and vibrant Wales.

We need our politicians to provide leadership and with the strength to make decisions that are right for Wales and the people of Wales, even though they may not be universally popular within their own political party.

We therefore invite the Secretary of State and the First Minister to have the courage to work closely together, across the political divide, to ensure that Wales has the leadership and the consistent direction it deserves.

To succeed in creating a successful and prosperous Wales that is globally competitive and has effective and efficient public services we need fresh ideas and new approaches rather than well-meaning political rhetoric and policies that have not worked.

We believe Wales would greatly benefit if the First Minister and Secretary of State engaged with those in Wales outside the political sphere by creating a forum to discuss the issues facing Wales and working towards solutions without the constraints of vested political interest.

We would therefore suggest that they jointly convene an annual “Council of Saint David” whereby experienced and successful individuals from all aspects of life within Wales, but who fall outside the party political arena, have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Wales*.

With politicians working together, strong leadership, consistent direction, and the input of those outside the political parties, there is every hope that Wales can become a prosperous, confident and dynamic nation.

The future of Wales doesn’t belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the brave.

 We are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams


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